Watching Genevieve’s films, and the worlds they evoke, give me the distinct impression that I am seeing right into someone’s private inner world, a place where the characters and situations were the direct embodiments of the feelings for the events and not simply their visual, dramatic representations. This indicates to me that her impressive technical skill is in service to something else.
— Bill Viola

ola's box of clovers

My third film with puppets.  A tribute to my wonderful, cantankerous grandmother.  I wanted to make a short film that would be experienced like a poem, exploring the parts of her I never got to know and how they relate to my own life.  This was a much more organized and collaborative effort, and I am grateful for all of the skilled people who helped me make it.  Shot on 35mm.

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My second and most personal film. I loved working on this film alone in a huge warehouse (again, thank you Sean Casey) for hours on end. It was a magnificent exploration creating a world out of cardboard stolen from dumpsters (and my trusty glue gun) and old junk. I edited the film at night after everyone at Graphic Films had gone home, drinking loads of coffee and stealing naps on an old couch until everyone returned in the morning.  Shot on old 16mm.

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My first film.  I made this film after being stranded and stalked by a crazy man in a very remote Mexican village.  My friend Sean Casey created a film festival for his film school friends (I was in the theater dept.) where they could use all of the equipment at his father’s company (Graphic Films) to make a short.  Sean was cool enough to let me use their camera and the hill outside the back of the building and give it a shot.  I had no idea what I was doing – all I had was a story, a glue gun, and my amazing friends. Shot on video and transferred to 16mm.



too loud a solitude

With a grant from the Rockefeller Media Artist Foundation, I began developing this wonderful book by Bohumil Hrabal.  We made the 17-minute scene sample with the help of Heather Henson and Handmade Puppet Dreams.  We had an amazing crew of technicians and talented puppeteers, including Isidore Mankofsy, who shot the original Muppet Movie.  It has been touring with Heather’s curated series for several years, and we are now developing the feature length film!  Click on the poster to go to our website.





+Too Loud A Solitude (17 min.; 35mm; puppets)

*ola’s box of clover’s – (10 min.; 35mm; puppets)

Sunlight - (17min.; 16mm; puppets)

Boxed - (12 min.; digibeta/16mm; puppets)

The Cone (a tale of urban nonsense) – (15 min.; Super 16mm; live-action)

Uncle Sam Meets His Maker (commission from the Seattle One Reel Film Festival) – (9 min.; digibeta; live-action)


Selected Festivals and Awards:

+UNIMA Jury Award 2009

*Berlin International Film Festival – Short Film Competition (2004)

*Almeria en Corto; Spain (2004)

*Atlanta International Film Festival (2004)

*USA Film Festival, Dallas (April 2004) - FINALIST

*Rhode Island International Film Festival (August 2004) – FIRST PLACE – BEST SCREENPLAY

*Montreal World Film Festival (September 2004)

*Palm Springs International Short Film Festival (September 2004)

*Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (September 2004)

*Lisbon International Independent Film Festival, Portugal (October 2004)

*Denver International Film Festival (October 2004)

*Edmonton International Film Festival, Alberta, Canada (October 2004)

*Swiss American Film Festival, New York (October 2004)

*Seagate Foyle Film Festival, Ireland (November 2004)

*Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence, France (November 2004) – SPECIAL JURY AWARD

*American Cinematheque, Women In Shorts (December 2004)

*Cinematographers Guild of America Showcase (Los Angeles, Chicago, Cannes…)– WINNER 2004

*Ashaland Independent Film Festival (April 2005)

*Newport Beach Film Festival (April 2005)

*Inspiration Film Festival (April 2005)

*One Reel Film Festival (September, 2005)

*Television Broadcast; USA – IFC (Independent Film Channel), 2005

*Television Broadcast; Europe – ARTE France, 2005

KPBS; San Diego, CA (2001)

The Conscientious Projector; Maine (2001)

Czech Republic (1999, 2001); Television Broadcast

Lincoln Center; Lincoln, NB (2001)

Puppetropolis Film Festival; Chicago, IL (2001)

IFP West Cinema Lounge; Los Angeles, CA (2000)

Hollywood Short Film Festival; Los Angeles, CA (2000)

South By Southwest; Austin TX – NOMINEE, Jury Award

One Reel Film Festival; Seattle, WA (2000) – WINNER, Best Animated Short

L’Alternativa; Barcelona, Spain (2000)

Portland International Film Festival (1999)

Puppetropolis Film Festival; Chicago, IL (1999)

Women’s Film Festival; Minsk, Belarus (1999)

Independent Exposure; Seattle, WA (1998-2000) – Screenings in Mexico City, Sarajevo, Amsterdam

Raleigh Studios; Los Angeles, CA (1999)

Chicago International Film Festival (1999)

Berlin International Film Festival (1998) – WINNER, Special Jury Mention

Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival (1998)

Hamburg InternationalFestival of Short Film (1998)

Man and Woman Festival; Parnu, Estonia (1998)

911 Media Arts Center; Seattle, WA (1998)

Palm Springs International Film Festival (1998) – WINNER, Special Mention

BBC British International Film Festival (1998)

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival; Antalya, Turkey (1998)

Sitges International Film Festival of Catelonia; Barcelona, Spain (1998)

Chicago International Film Festival (1998) – WINNER, Silver Plaque